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Terms & Conditions

Liability: We are not responsible for any incidental damage that may occur while your vehicle is in our possession, including damage related to pre-existing conditions, automated windshield wiper systems, loose interior trim or exterior moldings, and aftermarket accessories. We are only responsible for any damage we cause while driving your vehicle or during the detailing service, as long as it was not caused by a prior condition.

Service Provision: We strive to provide the highest quality auto detailing services to our customers. Our services are provided on a best efforts basis, and we cannot guarantee the complete restoration of every surface, fabric, or condition on your vehicle. Any services listed on our website or marketing materials are for reference only, and are subject to variation depending on the condition of your vehicle or any special circumstances.

Additional Charges: In the course of rendering services on your vehicle, we may uncover conditions or circumstances that require additional time or effort, and may result in additional costs. We will make every reasonable effort to notify you in advance of completing the service, however, if we are unable to contact you for any reason, we reserve the right to charge our hourly rate to complete the work and maintain circulation of our work in process inventory.

Engine Cleaning Disclaimer: We offer engine compartment and component cleaning as part of our detailing services. However, we are not responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of this service, including temporary or permanent engine malfunction.

Possessions Left in the Vehicle: You are responsible for removing any and all belongings from your vehicle before leaving it in our possession. Smoove Auto Detailing will not be responsible for any lost or missing items during the detailing process.

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